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Shallow Marine Brookian Previous HitPlayNext Hit, North Slope, Alaska - Example from Nikaitchuq Field

Giovanni Benevelli, Nicola Luise, and Deanne Prusak
Eni Petroleum, Houston, TX.

On the North Slope the Brookian sequence appears as non-marine to shallow marine sandstones and slope turbidites. Throughout the Cretaceous and Tertiary, the depocenter shifted from west to east across the northern portion of Alaska. The sequence can be broken up into lower, middle and upper Cretaceous sections with intertwining formations of Prince Creek, Schrader Bluff and Canning.

The Brookian Previous HitplayNext Hit on the North Slope has proven productive in several areas, such as Milne Point, West Sak and Nikaitchuq field currently under development. Nikaitchuq is estimated to contain 180 MBO with the main pay being Cretaceous Schrader Bluff OA sand. Source rock for the hydrocarbons is HRZ.

Facies Previous HitanalysisNext Hit of Nikaitchuq core and logs indicate delta front lobe deposition. Outcrop analog studies have supported this depositional model. Newly acquired 3D over Nikaitchuq field allows for detailed seismic reservoir Previous HitanalysisTop.


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