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Lincoln Sea Basin and Its Petroleum Potential

Sørensen, Kai 1; Gautier, Don 2; Pitman, Janet K.3; Jackson, Ruth 4; Dahl-Jensen, Trine 1
1 Geol.Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Copenhagen K, Denmark.
2 US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA.
3 US Geological Survey, Denver, CO.
4 Geological Survey of Canada, Halifax, NS, Canada.

The triangular shelf sea (the Lincoln Sea) bordered by Ellesmere Island and NW Greenland is underlain by a deep sedimentary basin. Its geometry and depth resembles that of the deep part of the Sverdrup Basin and it is suggested that its stratigraphy is likely to be comparable as well. Seismic refraction data indicates preservation of a relatively thick Cretaceous/Cenozoic section. Main risks are assumed to be a result of Eurekan tectonics and volcanism associated with the onset of sea floor spreading in the Eurasian basin.


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