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Dynamic Sedimentary Facies Analysis Technology and Its Application

Song, Lai ming 1; Zhang, Jinmiao 1
1 CNOOC Research Center, CNOOC Research Center, Beijing, China.

Sedimentary facies, which has been studied for hundreds of years, is one of the fundamental research in petroleum exploration and development. For example, several corresponding technical standards have been issued in China since the last 10 years. However the sedimentary facies is mostly studied with only static information. The dynamic information is usually ignored from information collection to investigation. Dynamic sedimentary facies analysis technology, which helps us to understand the underground better and gain more industrial and economic value, is therefore brought forward. The dynamic sedimentary facies technology means that such dynamic information as water influx, production rate and pressure, etc, is used when sedimentary facies is studied together with the traditional static information including of outcrop, rock core, well logging and seism. With the dynamic sedimentary facies analysis technology, the sand striking can be determined and the sand palaeocurrent among wells can be understood better.


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