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Graphic Data Analysis of the Last Four Glacial Cycles

Olson, Robert W.1
1 Olson Exploration, Tulsa, OK.

The time plot of the earth’s Temperature anomalies and Carbon Dioxide concentration for the last four glacial cycles(Petit et al., 1999, NOAA, Tans, 2007) was digitized and crossplotted. This crossplot shows five significant instances where the earth’s Temperature fell faster than Carbon Dioxide concentration. Then the digitized data were separated into five subgroups by time span to include one interglacial warm period in each. These plots indicate A Henry’s Law type relationship between Carbon Dioxide and Temperature.

There may even be hysteresis loops showing in the data. Water vapor makes up 95% of the greenhouse gases. Carbon Dioxide makes up 3.6% of the total greenhouse gases. Human activity contributes 3.2% of the 3.6% of the Carbon Dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere. Thus Human activity has contributed 0.117% to the greenhouse gas effect on global warming. Jouzel, et al., (Nature, 1993) states that Changes in Carbon Dioxide concentration lag behind earth’s Temperature changes. A lagging indicator cannot be a causing mechanism.


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