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Oil Exploration Phases in Iraq

Nazhat, Shirzad B.1
1 Petroleum Technology, American University of Iraq-sulaimani, Sulaimani, Iraq.

Iraq is among the richest countries in the world, the total reserves exeeds 330 billion barrels.The oil fields fall mainly in the Zagros fore-land, foothills,and the Mesopotamia-Western region & the orthern part of the Arabian plateau.Few exploration activities were carried out from the begining of the 20th Century. Starting with the German company,drilling in Chia Sorkh about 1901.Later on, few awards of cocessions were awarded by the late Ottoman Empire to the Iarq Petroleum company(IPC) in the north, leading to the discovery of The jiant Kirkuk oil field in north of Iraq. Well no Kirkuk-1 was discovered with an out-standing flow of significant amount of oil. Iraq was divided into Mosul(MPC) and Basrah(BPC) Petroleum Companies covering the Noth-west And Southern parts of Iraq.Few phases of exploration took place after 1960s, the Iraq National Oil Co.and few other agreements with different countries. After the liberation of Iraq, few studies were held by some companies to develop Kirkuk and Rumaila/ Zubair field.In the Kurdistan region, more than 20 awards were awarded to different oil companies. DNO group has developed Taweke oil field in Zakho area, and will producing oil at the rate of 100,000 bopd.


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