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Future Geothermal Electrical Production from Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, Colorado

Henderson, Frederick 1; Olson, Harry J.2; Berkman, Fred 2; Batzle, Mike 3; Revel, Andre 3
1 Mt. Princeton Geothermal LLC, Nathrop, CO.
2 Geothermal Consultants, Denver, CO.
3 Colorado School of Mines, Denver, CO.

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs, Nathrop, Colorado, is located at the intersection of the N-S basin and range Sawatch Fault Zone and the off-setting, cross-cutting E-W Chalk Creek fault zone in the Upper Arkansas Valley at the north end of the Colorado - New Mexico Rio Grand Rift Zone. Co-located are highest surface temperature (186°F) and heat flow (395 mw/m2) measurements in Colorado. 1970’s heat flow exploration drilling by AMAX Exploration Inc. indicates a high heat flow (6 x normal) target. Collaborative geophysical exploration by the Colorado School of Mines and others including deep and shallow seismic, gravity, magnetic and SP surveys help define a deep geothermal reservoir potential for a non-consumptive, pump & dump geothermal electrical plant of about 10 MW. This plant will use new hydrothermal electrical generation technology. Additional heat flow measurements and deep thin hole reservoir drilling are planned for 2009. If successful, the Mt. Princeton Project will be the first geothermal electrical production in Colorado and could lead the way for other hot springs geothermal energy projects in the State.


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