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Tracer Test Survey to Renew GGRP Data Regarding to Waterflood Optimization

Handayani, Nuni 1; Widyawan, Murti 1; Simamora, John H.1
1 EOR Project, PT Pertamina EP, Jakarta, Indonesia.

A Field that Stratigraficly has 7 productive layers consist of 6 sand layers and 1 volcanic basement layer only has Recovery factor about 21.7%. This field has Special cases : it has many faults which are complicated and all wells produce commingle from several layers.

The field has been applying waterflood since 1995, and planned to apply EOR. But, because of the withdrawal rate relatively low (after waterflood in 1995, RF only increase +/- 4.6%), obviously it needs to do waterflood optimization first before applying EOR.

Layers that chosed for this waterflood optimization are sand layer Aa, Bb, Cc and Dd. it because of those layers still have big numbers of accumulated oil reserve.

For the purpose of waterflood optimization, it needs to do some additional analysis to upgrade GGRP Data. One of the analysis was Tracer Test Survey.

Tracer Test Survey was conducted in : layer Aa (1 injection well), layer Bb (2 injection wells), layer Cc (1 injection well) and layer Dd (3 injection wells). The total number of monitor wells for those injection wells are 27 wells. Because of all wells in the field produce commingle from several layers, it need special technique to chosed the right injection wells to inject chemical tracer which is depend on the existing injection and production wells.

The Analysis result of Tracer Test give some new information about GGRP data. One of the example is Fault, some fault that known before as sealing fault now proved as a leaking Fault. The changes of the fault influenced the estimation of drainage radius, sweep efficiency and interwell continuity. Some suspicious opinion also came from chemical tracer that was not detect in monitoring wells that could be suspect as unreveal fault or facies changes in reservoir.

Thus, the Analysis result of Tracer test use to renew the former GGRP Data especially for geology modeling and reservoir simulation as a basic need to define optimization pattern in waterflood optimization.


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