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High-Frequency Sequence Stratigraphy Framework and Reservoir Distribution in Puguang Gas Field, China

Changmin, Zhang 1; Yin, Taiju 1; Zhang, Shimin 2; Zhu, Yongjin 1; Xu, Zhongbo 1
1 College of Geoscience, Yangtze University, Jingzhou,Hubei, China.
2 Zhongyuan OilField Company, SINOPEC, Puyang, China.

Few high frequency sequence stratigraphy framework in carbonate are reported. Puguang Gas Field, with over 250 billion cubic meter natural gas reserve in Permian Changxing Formation and Triassic Feixianguan Formation carbonate, is the largest natural gas reservoir found in carbonate in China. High frequency sequence framework was founded and reservoir properties and distribution were discussed according to seismic data and wireless log data, especially the total radioactive logging and energy spectnma logging of Th, which provided clues for the shale content in the stratigraphy for ODP. Through the shale content and facies analysis, 2 third sequence, 6 forthsequence and 11 fifth sequence were recognized in Changxing Formation, and 2 third sequence, 9 forth sequence and 16 fifth sequence were recognized in Feixianguan Formation. The reservoir in this field is mainly made of reef and oolitic beaches and the pore is mainly secondary dissolved pore. Reservoir is mainly founded in the middle two third sequences in this field, and its distribution is controlled by the depositional system. In the TST tract of Permian, reefs grew well, and the reservoir is also well developed, while in the TST tract of Triassic, the oolitic beaches developed well and they made the most reservoir. On the areal distribution, the reservoir is better on the west part than that on the east part of the reservoir for the reef and oolitic beeches is mainly developed and on the eastern part there are mainly made of lagoon and tidal shale platform. In the forth rank sequence stratigraphical framework , reservoir were also ruled by the sea level changes, reef and oolitic beaches development. Usually the good reservoir are founded in the fifth sequence of the middle location in the framework.


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