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Characterizing Fractures in a Green River Basin Well & Utilization of Halliburton’s X-Tended Range Micro Imager (Xrmi) Tool

Benitez, Katy A.1
1 Reservoir Evaluation Services (RES), Halliburton, Denver, CO.

Halliburton Image Log Analysts, working with Samson Resources operating company, have studied the X-tended Range Micro Imager (XRMI) well bore data in this Green River Basin well and have found the detection and characterization of fractures by Halliburton’s XRMI tool, software, and personnel to be useful for Samson's well planning and completions. Working together we have been able to take a closer look at a lost circulation zone in this well and identify structures in perforation intervals. Well data presented here is a Samson XRMI logging run that contains great examples of natural open and induced fractures. Also presented are discussions about interpretation of and differentiating between the fracture types.

Using Halliburton’s XRMI logging tool, we can identify and compare drilling induced versus open natural fractures and mineralized natural fractures using a resistivity/conductivity ‘image’. The image represents precise resistivity measurements made by the XRMI tool. It is also possible to identify the specific depths at which fractures occur, the azimuth of strike of the fractures, and the dip magnitude/direction of fractures intersected by the borehole in the subsurface at usual production depths. The XRMI tool helps identify fractures within various borehole conditions, with different mud weights and mud types, and is useful for formation evaluation.


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