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Using 3D Seismic to Forecast Development from the Pinedale Anticline, Wyoming

Sally Zinke and Sarah E. Shearer
Ultra Petroleum, Lakewood, CO

Pinedale Field, in the Greater Green River Basin of western Wyoming, has emerged as a giant natural gas field producing from tight gas sands of the Lance formation. By coupling the use of geophysical, geological and drilling assessment tools, Ultra Petroleum has successfully increased the productivity and reserves on the Pinedale Anticline from negligible volumes in 1999 to an estimated 27 Tcfe of recoverable gas.

3D seismic attribute analysis calibrated with production and EUR results is used by Ultra as a powerful tool for projection of potential productivity and economics on step-out wells. These efforts have driven successful field expansion results.

Additional economic decisions based on 3D seismic input include aquifer mapping for water disposal wells, down-spacing efforts, and assessment of deeper pool potential. Seismic aids in financial evaluations related to daily drilling operations including directional design, detection of pressure boundaries, identification and avoidance of drilling hazards, and fault identification and management.

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