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A Lower Smackover Unconventional Resource Play in Louisiana

David Meloy
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, Baton Rouge, LA

The Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation is a well documented conventional oil and gas play in the Gulf Coast. Oil and gas production occurs in the high energy carbonate deposits of pelletal and oolitic grainstones in the upper Smackover section which rims the Gulf Coast basin from Texas to the Florida panhandle. Hydrocarbons in these reservoirs are sourced from the underlying, organic rich, laminated lime mudstones of the lower Smackover. The lower Smackover source rocks extend to the south, down dip from the upper Smackover producing fairway. Apparent fracture production from the down dip lower Smackover section suggests it has remaining potential as an unconventional resource play, which may be exploited with horizontal drilling technology.

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