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The Stone Cabin 3D Leads the Deep Exploration and Development of the West Tavaputs Plateau

Jim Huck
Bill Barrett Corporation, Denver, CO

In 2002 Bill Barrett Corporation purchased 46,000 gross acres in the West Tavaputs Plateau area of the southern Uinta Basin. This purchase included three federal units and 11 wells producing 1.4 MMCFPD. In 2004 Bill Barrett Corporation acquired an 83 square mile 3D seismic survey to image the deep potential of the West Tavaputs Plateau area. Currently Bill Barrett Corporation produces over 100MMCFPD from Tertiary, Cretaceous, and Jurassic reservoirs.

At a cost of $8,000,000 the Stone Cabin 3D was acquired to define the deep structure and determine the exploration potential of formations below the Cretaceous Price River. In 2005 Bill Barrett Corporation drilled the #6-7D well to a total depth of 15,349 feet establishing the first Jurassic Navajo production in the Uinta Basin. Currently six deep wells contribute approximately 15% of the gross daily production.

The Stone Cabin 3D is a key component in the exploration and development of the deeper reservoirs at West Tavaputs Plateau. Bill Barrett Corporation is exploiting the existing Navajo reservoir with 3D seismic guided directional drilling. Exploration targets below the Navajo are being drilled in 2008. The company is also mapping shale gas potential within the Stone Cabin 3D. By acquiring and utilizing 3D seismic Bill Barrett Corporation has enhanced the knowledge of the shallow and deep producing formations providing the company with additional opportunities and reducing the risk in exploiting these reservoirs.

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