--> --> Abstract: Applying the Phase Congruency Algorithm to Seismic Data Slices, by Brian Russell and Daniel Hampson; #90082 (2008)

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Applying the Phase Congruency Algorithm to Seismic Data Slices

Brian Russell and Daniel Hampson
Hampson-Russell, A CGGVeritas Company, Calgary, AB, Canada

The two-dimensional phase congruency algorithm using the log Gabor transform was developed by Kovesi (1996), and is used to look for features such as edges and corners on two-dimensional images. In image processing, the algorithm therefore has applications to robot vision and feature enhancement. In seismic analysis, we also look for features in our datasets, but the features we look for are structural in nature. We therefore implemented the Kovesi algorithm in a seismic analysis and display program. In our implementation, we use this algorithm to look for faults and fractures on slices taken from 3D seismic volumes. We illustrate this technique using a fractured carbonate dataset. We will also discuss how the output from this algorithm can be used to predict reservoir properties using the multi-attribute transform.
Reference Peter Kovesi. Invariant Measures of Feature Detection. Ph.D. thesis. The University of Western Australia, 1996.

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