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Blimp — The Basin Leakage Intensity Mapping Project: Standardising Sar Seepage Data Relative to Global Basin and Environmental Parameters

Previous HitAlanTop K. Williams1, Michael King1, Nick Kellerman1, and Matthew Taylor2
1NPA Group, Edenbridge, United Kingdom
2RIG Ltd, London, United Kingdom

The interpretation of offshore seep data from SAR is affected by a number of geological, geochemical , environmental and SAR sampling parameters that make comparisons of basin seepage intensity difficult. To address this problem, we have incorporated relevant data from a new Global Basin Ranking Database to generate BLIMP, an ArcGIS-based basin leakage intensity map. This now factors in key information that will greatly improve the confidence of global seep interpretation.
The poster will review these key parameters which include
- geological affects (basin types, field sizes, seal integrity)
- geochemical affects (source rock type, age and maturity)
- environmental affects (wind speed, density layering and salinity)
- SAR sampling affects (weather compliancy and data volumes)
The result will be a complete revision of global offshore seepage patterns worldwide with a focus on three current exploration hot spots, the South Atlantic Margin basins of Brazil and West Africa, the East African Margin basins and the Circum Arctic basins

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