--> --> Abstract: Source Rock Analysis in the Durban Basin, South Africa, by Sean Davids; #90082 (2008)

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Source Rock Analysis in the Durban Basin, South Africa

Sean Davids
Petroleum Agency SA, Parow, South Africa

The purpose of this research is to utilise available wireline logs (density, resistivity, gamma ray) to postulate source rocks development in the Durban basin. Source rock formations generally show lower density, a lower sonic travel time, and a higher resistivity than other sediments of equal compaction and comparable mineralogy.

The Durban basin is a structurally complex Mesozoic rift basin located north of the termination of the Agulhas Falkland Fracture Zone. It is regarded as a frontier basin and only has 4 offshore wells. Source rocks are postulated to occur within the Durban basin in the rift and early drift successions, which underlie the Tugela delta. There is great deal of evidence to support the regional development of anoxic conditions and the development of Aptian age source rocks, as they are proven components of petroleum systems of the Outeniqua basin. TOC values vary from 0.5% to more than 1% in well samples, while gas escape features and chemotropic mounds are interpreted from seismic data.

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