--> --> Abstract: Petroleum Systems of Anadyr Basin, NW Russia, by Elena N. Poludetkina, Olga K. Bazhenova, Natalia P. Fadeeva, and Natalia V. Pronina; #90082 (2008)

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Petroleum Systems of Anadyr Basin, NW Russia

Elena N. Poludetkina, Olga K. Bazhenova, Natalia P. Fadeeva, and Natalia V. Pronina
Geological Department, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Federation

Basins of north-western part of Russia possess considerable resources of hydrocarbons. Eight sedimentary basins are distinguished within the limits of the Bering Sea and surrounding areas, from which Anadyr Basin represents one of most perspective regions for searching for oil and gas. The basin is limited to the sedimentary depression that continues to the sea and is composed of Cretaceous and Tertiary deposits. Four industrial fields are discovered in the basin; semi-commercial HC inflows are delivered practically from the whole sedimentary sequence - from Cretaceous to Neogene inclusive, that indicates on considerable HC potential of the basin (Agapitov D.I., 2005). Whole sedimentary sequence contains coal beds represented by humic coals composed mainly of vitrinite. Two types of OM - terrestrial and marine were met in the sedimentary sequence indicating formation of deposits in coastal conditions, on the sea-land boundary with frequent facial changes. Source rocks in Anadyr basin are present within the whole Paleocene-Miocene strata. By values of initial potential they represent a row: Mainitsk, Yageln, Sobolkovsk, Gagarinsk, Telekajsk suite. Prevailing potential for gas HC, at that liquid HC have also been generated in quantities able to generate commercial accumulations. Main source for liquid HC is Mainitsk suite as well as coaly strata containing specific OM with considerable input of leiptinite components. Source deposits of Lower Miocene and Paleogene have considerably realized their potential that considerably increases perspectives of oil-gas-bearing capacity of Anadyr basin.

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