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Effect of Growth Structures on Slope Channel Architecture and Facies with Respect to Reservoir Characterization, Eocene Morillo Turbidite System (South-Central Pyrenees, Spain)

Jeremiah Moody
Colorado School of Mines Department of Geology and Geological Engineering Golden, Colorado; [email protected]

The Eocene Morillo System in the Ainsa Basin, southern Spanish Pyrenees, provides a rare and extraordinary opportunity to learn about the internal architecture and facies distribution within submarine channels that converge onto an actively growing structure. To date, little outcrop data exist that have documented these types of depositional systems, making it extremely challenging for the oil and gas industry to constrain reservoir models for analogues reservoirs that do produce oil and gas. Through use of data collected during field work in the Ainsa Basin, this thesis will produce detailed maps of some key Morillo outcrops, a complete architecture analysis on large and small-scale stratigraphic elements, isopach maps of key intervals, stratigraphic columns, interpreted photopanels, correlation panels, and will document sedimentary/ stratigraphic structures related to basin confinement.

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