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Basin Modeling - from Previous HitEffectiveTop Tool for Predicting Timing of Pore Pressure Development and Hydrocarbon Migration in Overpressured Basins

Nishikanta Kundu, Sudipta Basu, and Amit Singh
Geology & Geophysics, Reliance Industries Ltd (E & P Business), Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai, India

Compaction disequilibrium is by far the most abundant cause of developing hard geopressure in basins with very high rate of sedimentation. Precise prediction of both timings of source rock maturity and pore pressure development is essential for hydrocarbon migration and entrapment modeling. Models build using stratigraphy-specific shale compaction curves (derived from a density log) in the PetroModTM 1-D and 3-D (IES, Germany) gives better results as compared to the widely used methods of single compaction curve for pore pressure prediction. The present study discusses the influence of pore-pressure development on migration and entrapment of hydrocarbon both in normal and pressured reservoirs using above mentioned method. Furthermore, three-dimensional modeling, integrating pore pressure and source rock maturity enhances understanding of pore pressure distribution and its effect on hydrocarbon migration, both vertically and spatially.

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