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Seismic Modeling of Viscoelastic Porous Media

Sumana Basu and Vir Narayanan Singh
Earth Sciences, Indian Institue of Technology, Roorkee, India

Delineation of fluid properties of reservoir rocks an important problem in oil exploration.The seismograms recorded during seismic exploration contains information about fluid properties. However, the interpretation procedures based on elastic wave propagation are inadequate for deriving fluid properties. For a more realistic interpretation, the assumption of ideal elasticity should be dropped and replaced with appropriate models that takes into account the anelastic behavior and presence of fluids in pore spaces of subsurface rocks. It is expected that propagation through fluid saturated rocks will give rise to significant changes in the shape of reflected pulses. In the present work, synthetic seismograms, simulating AVO situation in viscoelastic porous media, have been generated and interpreted to characterize the fluids. It has been found that under these conditions Previous HitreflectionNext Hit Previous HitcoefficientNext Hit are always Previous HitcomplexTop and seismic wavelets undergo significant shape changes while propagating through viscoelastic porous media.

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