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Determining the Previous HitEffectiveNext Hit Viscosity of a Shear-Induced State (SIS) Surfactant, C16TMASal, During Injection into a Porous Medium

Frank Platt* and Mahmood Amani**
Texas A&M University at Qatar
*[email protected]
**[email protected]

This presentation explains an experimental study that was performed to determine the Previous HiteffectiveNext Hit viscosity and the suitability of surfactant C16TASal for use in enhanced-oil-recovery. This surfactant has dilatancy properties that could be Previous HiteffectiveNext Hit for mobility control during a water-flood. The project involved extensive injection of a single-phase brine with various concentrations of surfactant into a core sample taken from a carbonate reservoir in West Texas. From the data collected, the Previous HiteffectiveTop viscosity as well as the effect of time on viscosity ware defined. From the results, it was found that the fluid did have favorable fluid characteristics but required very large volumes of surfactant before the behavior occurred. This large volume requirement indicated that adsorption could be occurring within the core sample. This presentation will indicate whether this formulation was a good candidate for enhanced oil recovery projects. It also discusses some possible future studies that could be conducted to find a new or different surfactant formulation, or other potential co-surfactants to reduce adsorption.


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