--> --> Abstract: Residual Water-Bottom Multiple Attenuation in the Arabian Gulf, by Roy Burnstad and Mahmoud E. Hedefa; #90077 (2008)
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Previous HitResidualNext Hit Water-Bottom Multiple Attenuation in the Arabian Gulf

Roy Burnstad* and Mahmoud E. Hedefa**
Saudi Aramco
*[email protected]
**[email protected]

This presentation will discuss the identification and resolution of a water-bottom multiple problem encountered in the Arabian Gulf. In 2002, Saudi Aramco acquired and processed an ocean-bottom cable (OBC) survey configured with hydrophone and geophone sensors designed to attenuate seismic energy trapped in the water layer. Subsequent interpretation of the Previous Hit3-DNext Hit data volume at the target horizon revealed wavelet variations that mimicked the water-depth profile. This was of concern, as the target was not expected to be conformable to the water bottom. An investigation of the issue determined a significant amount of unwanted energy remained in the data, even after use of industry standard processing and acquisition methods. After careful analysis we found that rapid changes in the water-bottom reflection coefficient may have compromised the results by inadequately suppressing water-borne energy. A key diagnostic display in the common water-depth domain indicated it was possible to isolate the periodicity of this unwanted energy such that inverse filters could target and suppress it. A new workflow was then designed such that an algorithm utilizing multi-domain deconvolution could identify and suppress the errant energy while maintaining structural and wavelet integrity at the target horizon. The new workflow proved to be more efficient than traditional single channel deconvolution methods with respect to isolating the periodic nature of the water-borne energy. A repeat of the diagnostic displays indicated the new workflow was measurably more effective at suppressing the Previous HitresidualTop water bottom multiple.


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