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Previous HitPalynofaciesNext Hit and Hydrocarbon Generation Potential for the Rocks of the Upper Triassic Baluti and Kurrachine Formations in Mosul Block, Northwestern of Iraq

Thamer K. Al-Ameri1* and Qusay H. Aldolaimy2
1University of Baghdad, Iraq
2University of Tikrit, Iraq
*[email protected]

Three exploration wells were selected near Mosul city (AZ-29, BM-15 and KD-1) to study the Previous HitpalynofaciesNext Hit and hydrocarbon-generation potential of the Upper Triassic Baluti and Kurrachine formations. This study was completed into two phases. The first was a study of Previous HitpalynofaciesNext Hit and their palaeoenvironmental indications, degree of preservation, diversity of palynomorphs, and organic maturity of the rocks according to palynomorphs color using a microscope. More than 80 slides of organic matter were used for this study. Four palynofa-cies were tentatively recognized. (1) The first Previous HitpalynofaciesNext Hit is diagnostic of the Baluti For-mation in the AZ-29 and KD-1 wells; (2) The second Previous HitpalynofaciesNext Hit appeared at different depths in the Kurrachine Formation in three wells. (3) The third was only found between the depths 4,534–4,685 m in the well AZ-29. (4) The fourth was only found between the depths 3,500–4,590 m in the well BM-15. A distal coastal marine environment is suggested for the Baluti Formation and a restricted lagoonal environment for the Kurrachine Forma-tion. The second phase used organic geochemical analyses to confirm the suggested pa-laeoenvironment and hydrocarbons generation potential and maturity. Three techniques were used (TOC, pyrolysis and pyrolysis-gaschromotography) for more than 35 samples from different depths in three wells. The Previous HitanalysisTop proved that a sufficient quantity of or-ganic matter occurs and has suitable maturity for hydrocarbons generation potential of oil and gas.


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