--> --> Abstract: Identification and Analysis of Fields for Waterflood Enhanced Recovery Efforts, by Rod Hall, Dwight Ross, Greg Stevens, and Steve Muehlberger; #90065 (2007)

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Identification and Analysis of Fields for Waterflood Enhanced Recovery Efforts

Rod Hal1l, Dwight Ross2, Greg Stevens, and Steve Muehlberger2
1GrailQuest Corp;
2Dwight Ross Drilling

Changing economic conditions allow for a new examination of mature and abandoned fields to identify oil that is now economically recoverable (reserves). In mature oil producing basins there are many inactive or limited stripper production fields, all potential waterflood candidates.
    We present a methodology of identifying such fields, quantifying the incremental waterflood production, and creating a field development plan. Production forecasts are generated in a timely and cost effective manner for development scenarios with Time Dynamic Volumetric Balancing methods.
    The field reviewed and used as an example is the Belcherville Field. It is a Caddo Conglomerate, located in Montague County, Texas, discovered in 1946. Developed in the 1950’s, 9 wells produced 1.5 mmbo of primary production before being abandoned in 1967. Production was from the channel deposits of the Caddo formation that are draped over a gentle anticline. A comparative study of 7 other fields in the same trend indicates waterflooding can recover and additional 84% of primary recoverable oil.


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