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9:00 Keynote Speaker Ð D. W. Steeples: Some Stupid Shallow Seismic Experiments I Have Done [2007 SEG Distinguished Lecture]

9:40 Keynote Speaker Ð T. L. Davis: Multicomponent 4-D Seismic Reservoir Characterization of Previous HitTightNext Hit Previous HitGasNext Hit Sands, Rulison Field, Colorado

10:20 Keynote Speaker Ð B. A. Hardage: Seismic Technologies for Independents Exploring for Unconventional Resources


11:00 BREAK






11:30 T. R. Carr, D. F. Merriam: Kansas Previous HitOilNext Hit and Previous HitGasNext Hit Activity, 1860Ð2006


12:00 LUNCH




1:30 S. J. Mazzullo, H. Cao, B. W. Wilhite: Mississippian Chert Reservoirs in Kansas: Oxygen and Silicon Isotope Geochemistry and Timing of Silicification and Porosity Formation

1:50 J. Puckette: Influence of Drainage Basin Attributes on Depositional Style of the Upper ÒMorrowÓ and ÒCherokeeÓ Intervals, Oklahoma

2:10 D. T. Boyd and N. H. Suneson: Sequence Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Booch Sandstones (McAlester Formation) (Desmoinesian), Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma

2:30 S. A. Fischbein, C. R. Fielding, R. M. Joeckel: Sequence Stratigraphic Reinterpretation of the Virgilian Indian Cave Sandstone as Incised Valley Fills, and Potential for Unexplored Updip Hydrocarbon Resources

2:50 J. Antia, C. Fielding, M. Joeckel: Low Accommodation Depositional Systems and Reservoir Bodies in the Lower Cretaceous Dakota Formation, Subsurface of Northwestern Nebraska

3:10 D. C. Cruz and K. R. Evans: High-Resolution Stratigraphy of the Sub-Mississippian Unconformity in Southwest Missouri


3:30 BREAK




3:50 B. Westermark and J. Schmeling: Horizontal Wells Improve Previous HitOilNext Hit Recovery in 100-Year-Old Pennsylvanian Sandstone Reservoirs in Northeast Oklahoma and Southeast Kansas




4:10 A. P. Byrnes, J. Doveton, W. L. Watney, S. Bhattacharya: Petrophysical Properties of Oomoldic Limestones in the LansingÐKansas City Groups, Kansas: Tools for More Accurate Evaluation and Enhancing Recovery

4:30 J. H. Doveton: Facies Analysis of the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) in Kansas Based on Petrophysical Logs and Drill-Cuttings Records

4:50 S. N. Tripathi and R. V. Westermark: Field Testing a New Spectral Neutron Tool for Identifying Bypassed or Moved Hydrocarbons Behind Casing in both Vertical and Horizontal Wells in Mature Producing Fields in Northeast Oklahoma




-Previous HitEMDNext Hit Ð SHALE Previous HitGASNext Hit-


1:30 M. Ratchford: Exploration and Development Overview for the Fayetteville Shale Previous HitGasNext Hit PlayÑNorth-Central Arkansas

1:50 B. J. Cardott: Conventional Wisdom Applied to Oklahoma Previous HitGasNext Hit Shales

2:10 C. P. Conrad: Case History and Early Development of the Fayetteville Shale

2:30 D. M. Jarvie, T. E. Ruble, R. Drozd, H. Alimi, V. Baum: Unconventional Shale-Previous HitGasNext Hit Resource Systems and Processes Affecting Previous HitGasNext Hit Generation, Retention, Storage, and Flow Rates

2:50 N. Buckner, R. M. Slatt, W. Coffey, R. J. Davis: High-Resolution Facies Changes, Lateral Continuity, and Fracturing of the Woodford Shale from Behind Outcrop Drilling, Logging, and Coring

3:10 K. D. Newell: Sorbed Previous HitGasNext Hit Content of Coals and Previous HitGasNext Hit Shales Utilizing Well Cuttings


3:30 BREAK


3:50 D. K. Tiwary, I. Bayuk, M. Ammerman, E. M. Chesnokov: How to Distinguish Water- and Previous HitGasNext Hit-Saturated Cracks?

4:10 J. Puckette and A. DeVries: Micro-Imaging and Reservoir Characterization: Estimating Rock Properties from Rock-calibrated Microresistivity Logs

4:30 W. L. Prior: An Overview of Coalbed Natural Previous HitGasNext Hit Production in the Arkoma Basin of Arkansas

4:50 S. Bhattacharya, K. D. Newell, T. R. Carr, J. G. Blencoe: Geomodel Development and Simulation Studies for Possible Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Previous HitGasNext Hit Recovery Beneath a Major Kansas City Landfill







8:30 Keynote Speaker - H. W. Posamentier: Seismic Geomorphology: Concepts, Workflows and Applications to Petroleum Exploration and Development

9:10 Keynote Speaker - G. R. Keller: Basement Structures in the Midcontinent Region: Some Perspectives Based on Regional Geophysical Data


9:50 BREAK






10:20 C. E. Helsing and D. C. Berman: A New Approach to Seismic Interpretation in Challenging Imaging Environments (40 mins.)

10:40   Ò  Ò

11:00 D. E. Hedke, B. W. Wilhite, R. Sanguinetti, K. J. Marfurt: Reservoir Characterization in Mississippian Rocks via Seismic Methods Ð Comanche County, KS (40 mins.)

11:20  Ò  Ò

11:40 S. E. Nissen, E. C. Sullivan, K. J. Marfurt, T. R. Carr: Improving Reservoir Characterization of Karst-Modified Reservoirs with 3-D Geometric Seismic Attributes


12:00 LUNCH


1:30 K. Rundle




1:50 C. Cervato, D. Fils, G. Bohling*, P. Diver, D. Greer, J. Reed, X. Tang: CHRONOS: Transforming Earth History Research by Seamlessly Integrating Stratigraphic Data and Tools

2:10 R. L. Brownrigg, M. K. Dubois, W. L. Watney: Visualizing Production and Pressure Histories with Spacetime Maps

2:30 M. Hamilton (student), A Regional Geophysical Analysis of the North American Midcontinent

2:50 B. Drenth and V. J. S. Grauch: Geophysical Anomalies and New Constraints on Buried Structures, Southern San Luis Basin, Colorado


3:10 BREAK


3:30 J. M. Kruger: Utility of Gravity and Magnetic Data for Mapping Phanerozoic Faults, Fractures, Folds, and Facies Transitions Caused by Reactivation of Precambrian Basement Structures

3:50 S. P. Gay, Jr.: Fundamental Advances in Structural Geology Based on Ongoing Studies in Reactivation Tectonics

4:10 M. P. Carlson: Some Keys to Exploration in the Forest City Basin

4:30 D. F. Merriam, J. C. Davis: Statistical Analysis of Physiographic and Structural Directional Data in the U.S. Midcontinent (Kansas)




-Previous HitEMDNext Hit Ð COAL BED METHANE-


10:20 B. LaReau, J. Pope, D. Buttry, R. Lamarre, B. Noecker, S. MacDonald, N. Van Lieu: Video Microscopy of Methane Previous HitGasNext Hit Production from a Series of Typical CBM Coals

10:40 S. MacDonald: Measuring CO2 in Coalbed Reservoirs

11:00 N. R. Van Lieu: Downhole Raman Spectroscopy: Real Time, In Situ Chemical Analysis of Coalbed Reservoirs




11:20 R. Harmon, R. W. Von Rhee, T. Alexander, B. Tapp: Entrepreneurial Geology Ð A Model for a New College Course (Acquisition of Previous HitOilNext Hit and Previous HitGasNext Hit Properties)

11:40 T. R. Carr, D. W. Green, A. W. Walton: The University of Kansas Reservoir Design Course: Teamwork Among Petroleum Engineering and Geology Students and Kansas Previous HitOilNext Hit Operators


12:00 LUNCH


1:30 W. A. Miller: The Application of 2D and 3D Seismic Data in the Exploration for Cherokee Channels Ð Tombstone Gap Field, Ness County, Kansas

1:50 M. K. Dubois, A. P. Byrnes, S. Bhattacharya, G. C. Bohling, J. H. Doveton: Old Field Ð New Paradigms Ð Stranded Previous HitGasNext Hit: Major Findings of the Three-Year Hugoton Study

2:10 J. Venhaus: Analysis on Producing Petroleum Wells in the Lehigh Field in Marion County, Kansas

2:30 M. H. Kalaei and W. Scriven: Petroleum Geology of Rellim Field, Rice County, Kansas

2:50 G. Koralegadara: Development of Microbial Reef Reservoirs at Little Cedar Creek Field, Conecuh County, Alabama


3:10 BREAK


3:30 F. Salehi, R. Azizi, A. Salehi, A. Taheri, V. A. Sajjadian: Application of Numerical Simulation and Artificial Neural Network for Previous HitOilNext Hit Field Development, SI-A Field




3:50 G. A. Ludvigson, A. Haj, D. L. Fox, R. Mandel, P. A. Macfarlane: A New Approach to Understanding Neogene Stratigraphic Architecture of the High Plains Succession in Western Kansas Using Carbon Isotope Chemostratigraphy

4:10 P. A. Macfarlane, N. Schneider: The Distribution of Permeable Zones within the Ogallala in the Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management District 3

4:30 M. Jacobs, K. Hopson, A. Potter, and N. Blandford: Case Study of Integrated Approach to the Cleanup of Ogallala Ground Water Impacted by Previous HitOilNext Hit-Field Brine, Haskell County, Kansas




G. Borges, P. Singh, J. Perez, R. M. Slatt, E. Eslinger: Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Barnett Shale at Newark East Field, Texas, U.S.

K. Boucher: Accommodation Space and Distribution of Previous HitGasNext Hit-Bearing Sandstones in the Upper and Lower Skinner Intervals, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

T. R. Carr and S. E. Nissen: Application of Curvature Attributes to Kansas Subsurface Data

M. Crane and C. D. Burke: Primary Porosity in Modern Coral Patch Reefs

D. Hurst: Spectral Gamma-Ray Character of the Chattanooga Shale, Tennessee and Oklahoma

D. Kim, R. P. Philp: Geochemical Characterization of Solid Bitumen Deposited within the Mississippian Sandstone Reservoir of the Hitch Field, Southwest Kansas

Z. Koch and C. D. Burke: Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of Bandera Sandstone (Marmaton Group, Desmoinesian), Labette County, Kansas

M. Lichtenwalter, C. D. Burke: Paleoenvironment, Cyclicity, and Reservoir Quality of Chaetetid ÒReefÓ Mounds of the Amoret Limestone Member (Upper Desmoinesian) in Southeastern Kansas

L. Mpanje, S. J. Mazzullo: Depositional Facies and Diagenesis of the LansingÐKansas City Section, OÕConnor Field, Stafford County, Kansas

J. Nittler: Using Geographic Information Systems to Evaluate Previous HitGasTop Fields in Western Kansas

P. Singh, R. Slatt, C. Rai, C. Sondergeld, C. Stamm: Stratigraphy and Petrophysics of the Barnett Shale, Newark East Field, Texas.

M. M. Turner-Williams, W. Yang: 300-Million-Year Old Soils and Their Implications on Predicting Ancient Climate Conditions

W. L. Watney, R. D. Miller: Characterization and Geologic Significance of Evaporite Karst in Kansas

B. W. Wilhite, S. J. Mazzullo, I. W. Woolsey, D. Pattisson, D. Hedke, M. Summervill, K. Dimmick-Wells: Paleo-Oceanography and Depositional Framework of the Cowley Facies in South-Central Kansas: Solution to the ÒCowley ProblemÓ

W. Yang, Q. Feng, Y. Liu, N. Tabor, Q. Guan, J. Li, X. Zhang: Promises and Problems in Nonmarine Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis Ð Examples from Fluvial-Lacustrine Permian, Triassic, and Jurassic Deposits, Bogda Mountains, NW China



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