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A Depositional Analysis of Tidally Influenced Previous HitDeltaicNext Hit Deposits in the Torrey Member of the Triassic Moenkopi Formation, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Bethiah Hall
University of Kansas, Department of Geology Lawrence, KS [email protected]

The Torrey Member of the Early Triassic Moenkopi Formation delta complex is identified as a tidally influenced Previous HitdeltaicNext Hit deposit in several regional studies. Tidal Previous HitenvironmentsNext Hit are one of the most complicated Previous HitenvironmentsNext Hit to study in the stratigraphic record, as predicted by the natural variability and complexity associated with modern tidal settings. More study is needed to help refine and expand the limited facies models proposed for these settings. A detailed examination of excellent Torrey Member outcrops in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah will provide a valuable database for tidally influenced delta deposits. This project will examine sedimentologic and stratigraphic characteristics of the Torrey member to define facies and depositional Previous HitenvironmentsTop. A better understanding of the depositional environment of the Torrey Member will help refine our knowledge of the Moenkopi Formation and be beneficial for paleogeographic reconstructions of the Early Triassic.


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