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Previous HitStratigraphicNext Hit & Structural Previous HitInterpretationNext Hit of Seismic Profile in the North –Eastern Part of Sulaiman Fold Belt in the Viccinity of Chaudwan, Domanda and Takht-E-Sulaiman Previous HitFaultNext Hit (Pakistan)

Shazia Asim
Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Migrated seismic sections of Line No. BG34-94-06 and BG34-94-01 of block 34 area (Sulaiman fold belt) Pakistan are interpreted. The quality of data of the Line BG34-94-06 is not so good. Therefore, BG34-94-01 is used, crossing BG34-94-06 at shot-point 175. Using well logs (Gulan-01 & Saviragha-01) and surface geological mapping , a depth model is generated. The Domanda Previous HitfaultNext Hit is located on BG34-94-06 at shot point 800. Domanda Previous HitfaultNext Hit is projected in the subsurface, where it splits into two parts at shot 860 ,at a depth of 2200m into Previous HitFaultNext Hit 1 which is the main Previous HitfaultNext Hit dipping toward east at a depth of 8000m also termed as Basal detachment level & Previous HitFaultNext Hit 2 which shows another detachment level dipping toward east at a depth of 6000m in the sember shale(Mesozoic). Also depth model shows that the Tertiary sequence of rocks is exposed at the surface against the Domanda Previous HitFaultTop. Kirthar Formatiom is exposed at the surface from the shot point 870 to 569(1569). The Mesozoic sequence of rocks is also exposed at the surface from shot points 800 to 860. The basement is located at a depth of 8000m.


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