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Construction and Implementation of a Field Development Plan, Cretaceous Tetuán Member, Villeta Formation, San Francisco Field, Colombia

Ernest Gomez1, Previous HitFabianTop O. Iwere1, William J. Clark1, Yuan Z. Ma1, Osman Apaydin1, Jaime Moreno1, Leonardo J. Marquez2, German Rondon2, Luis E. Goyeneche3, Jorge Falla3, Jaime Pavas3, David Richards4, and Michael F. Doe4
1 Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services, Greenwood Village, CO
2 Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services, Bogota, Colombia
3 Hocol S. A, Bogota, Colombia
4 Midland Valley Inc, Golden, CO

The Cretaceous Tetuán Member of the Villeta Formation and the Caballos Formation have yielded significant production at San Francisco Field. As the primary Caballos is now in a mature stage, assessment of additional producible reserves from the fractured carbonates in the Tetuan is of interest. To optimize production, a field development plan was constructed for this reservoir by integrating the available engineering, geological, geophysical and petrophysical data. The reservoir matrix porosity and permeability is low in the Tetuán and production is fracture controlled. Image logs from eighteen (18) wells along with the structural and deformation history were used to develop a discrete fracture network (DFN). The matrix and fracture properties were incorporated to construct a 3-D geocellular model. This model was then upscaled for reservoir simulation taking into consideration layer thickness, vertical communication, fracture distribution and completions. The resulting reservoir model was history-matched to the pressure and production. The calibrated model indicates that a maximum of 7% of the stock tank oil initially in place (STOIIP) was produced as of July 31, 2003. Operating scenarios including recompletions, additional drilling and waterflooding were examined using the model. An incremental 11.5% of the STOIIP can be produced depending on the scenario employed. Economics are currently being reviewed to determine which scenario or combination of scenarios should be implemented in the Tetuán reservoir.

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