--> Abstract: Tom East Field – a Vicksburg discovery in Brooks County, by Paul Constance; #90032 (2004)

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Tom East Field – a Vicksburg discovery in Brooks County

Paul Constance
Horizon Exploration, Houston Texas

Output Exploration recorded 330 square miles of 3 dimensional seismic in Kenedy, Brooks, and Willacy Counties, South Texas, looking for Miocene, Frio and Vicksburg opportunities. A Santa Fe 3 dimensional data set of 90 square miles spawned the discovery of Tom East Field, Brooks County. This field was discovered in 2001. It produces from Lower Vicksburg Sands at a depth of 15,000 feet below the Armine Unconformity. The field has produced 177 billion cubic feet to date, mainly from the green sand, a deltaic sand 300 feet thick with porosities up to 18 percent. The initial wells typically produced at rates of 75 million cubic feet of gas per day and 1200 barrels of condensate per day. All wells were fracture stimulated.

Structurally the field is a three-way upthrown closure to the west of a very large Frio growth fault with more than 2000 feet of throw. The structure was an early ‘paleontological’ feature. The main pay in the field is the ‘Green Sand’ that occurs directly under a pronounced unconformity. It coarsens upwards and shales out quickly to both north and south. Thus these reservoir sands are very localized. Net pay thicknesses are greatest over the crest of the structure, suggesting the preservation of porosity due to the early migration of hydrocarbons into the structure.

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