--> --> Is 3-D Seismic Data the Bass-Finder of Oil and Gas?--Examples of some “honey-holes” in Southwest Alabama, by K. B. Hill; #90901 (2001)

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Is 3-D Seismic Data the Bass-Finder of Oil and Gas?--Examples of some “honey-holes” in Southwest Alabama

K. B. Hill
Hill Geophysical Consulting, Shreveport, LA

The market place for oil and gas deals has undergone a rapid and dramatic change. Buyers of deals want the “perfect deal” with no risk. The best way to do this is to integrate a proper geologic model with a properly acquired, processed, and interpreted 3-D seismic program. It is sort of like going fishing with a good bass-finder. If you go to the best spots, but your bass-finder doesn’t see any fish, you should move on. When you see the action on your bass-finder, you can be assured that you have a much better chance of making the “BIG” catch.

The 3-D seismic tool helps in locating the elusive structural and stratigraphic traps that are hiding in the murky sub-surface “honeyholes” of the world. A prime example of the success of 3-D seismic is found in the Southwest Alabama Jurassic trend. Over the past 12 years over 350 square miles of 3-D seismic data has been acquired in the up-dip Jurassic trend of Monroe, Baldwin, and Escambia Counties, Alabama. Wells drilled with the help of 3-D seismic programs have yielded a success ratio of over 85%, and resulted in new reserves of over 50 MMBO. With a cost of about $40 MM for the seismic and returns of well over $750 MM for the product, it is quite evident that the project is an economic success.

A comparison of 2-D versus 3-D seismic data will be shown over existing fields. Examples of successes and failures of exploration with 3-D seismic will be covered.

Although a bass-finder can help you find the fish, you have to know what bait to use to catch them. A brief discussion of the importance of having the “expert guide” (with geological and geophysical knowledge) with the expertise of how to use the tools will conclude the talk.

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