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An Approach to the Accommodation Space Changes of the Fault-depression Lacustrine Basin—From the Upper Jurassic to the Lower Cretaceous of Songliao Basin, Northeast China

S. Zhang1 and R. Yangang2
1Department of Petroleum Resources Science, University of Petroleum, Shandong, PRC
2Daqing Oil Field, Heilongjiang, China

Using the Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous of Songliao basin as research target, the characteristics of the accommodation space changes of the fault-depression lake basin were studied by the ways of comprehensive explanation of seismic sections, drilling, and core data. The formation styles of accommodation space were mainly controlled by the tectonic movement styles of boundary faults in the fault-depression lake basin. In the synsedimentary fault-depression accommodation space was increased mainly in vertical, and in the receding fault-depression it was produced mainly in transverse. The correlative relationship between increment of sub-aquatic accommodation space and synchronous sedimentary volume controlled the evolution of sequence and the formation of system tracts.

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