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Haiqing Wu

Chevron Petroleum Technology Company, San Ramon, CA

ABSTRACT: Data Process, Image Enhancement, Automated Previous HitInterpretationNext Hit, & 3D Visualization for LWD Density Image Log

LWD (Logging While Drilling) density log is a low-resolution image log. It has 16 measurement sectors clockwise and is always oriented to TOH (top-of-hole). In order to automatically collect stratigraphic information digital data is analyzed in the following steps: 1) data process and correction, 2) image enhancement, 3) automated Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit, and 4) post process and 3D visualization for both data and Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit results.

Why should we bother to acquire digital LWD density logs after we have Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit on paper from a service company? We need the digital data for 1) second opinion for a consistent Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit, 2) QC and validation for existing Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit, 3) 3D visualization for both data and Previous HitinterpretationTop with reservoir models, and 4) future use without additional cost.

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