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Titus A Murray1, Claudia Guargena2, David Waters2, Chris McKeown3

(1) Midland Valley Exploration Ltd, Glasgow, Scotland
(2) Enterprise Oil plc, London, England
(3) Midland Valley Exploration Ltd, Glasgow

ABSTRACT: A Probabilistic Previous HitFaultNext Hit Seal and Previous HitFaultNext Hit Breaching Methodology. Considering Variance in Paleo and Present Stresses, Previous HitFaultNext Hit Geometry, and Lithology

Conventional Previous HitfaultNext Hit seal techniques use basic input parameters that often have considerable uncertainty and measurement error. It has been found that variance in the parameters can lead to great problems constructing deterministic faults juxtaposition, seal and leakage models in 3D. This is particularly problematic when Previous HitfaultNext Hit displacement and lithological thickness are of similar magnitudes. A generalised Previous HitfaultNext Hit displacement and damage-zone model will be presented. Using a probabilistic approach an assessment of the displacement, lithology and present/past stress states will be used to assess the hydraulic performance of the Previous HitfaultNext Hit. This will include Previous HitfaultNext Hit sealing and breaching both along the Previous HitfaultNext Hit and across the Previous HitfaultNext Hit. Observations pertinent to faults in transient stress and overpressured regimes will be considered. A risk based reserves model encapsulating multiple closures, reservoir and Previous HitfaultTop seal parameters will also be discussed.

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