--> --> ABSTRACT: Analyses of Permeabilities of Faulted Sandstone in a Subseismic Fault, by James P. Evans and Zoe K. Shipton; #90906(2001)
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James P. Evans1, Zoe K. Shipton1

(1) Utah State University, Logan, UT

ABSTRACT: Analyses of Permeabilities of Faulted Sandstone in a Subseismic Previous HitFaultNext Hit

We determine the structure and permeability variations of a 4-km-long normal Previous HitfaultNext Hit by integrating surface mapping with data from five boreholes drilled through the Previous HitfaultNext Hit (borehole- to tens of metre-scale). The Big Hole Previous HitfaultNext Hit outcrops in the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone, central Utah. A total of 363 m of oriented core was recovered at two sites with displacements of 8 m and 3-5 m. The main Previous HitfaultNext Hit core is 0.3 - 1.2 m thick and is composed of low-porosity amalgamated deformation bands with slip-surfaces on one or both sides. Previous HitFaultNext Hit thickness is not a function of displacement, and can vary over strike distances of several metres. Minipermeameter measurements show a permeability decline from >2000 md to 1.5 md near the Previous HitfaultNext Hit. Whole-core tests show that Previous HitfaultNext Hit core permeability is less than 1 md, and individual deformation band permeability is 0.9-1.3 md. Using these results we calculate bulk permeability across and along the Previous HitfaultNext Hit zone. Calculated transverse permeability over 5-10 metres is 30-40 md: approximately 1-4% the value of the host rock. Previous HitFaultNext Hit parallel transmissibilities are 70-90% of the host rock. An inverse power mean calculationfor a complex array of orthorhombically oriented faults yields transmissibilities 20-60% of the host rock. The bulk Previous HitfaultNext Hit zone permeability is most sensitive to Previous HitfaultNext Hit core thickness, which exhibits the greatest variability of the Previous HitfaultTop components examined.

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