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Tracer Technology for Water-Alternating-Gas (WAG) Miscible Flooding in Pubei Oil Field

YANG, DAOYONG, U. of Petroleum China; HUANWEN CUI, University of Petroleum, China, China; QI ZHANG, University of Petroleum, China, China; HONGTING LIU, Turpan-Hami Petroleum Administrative Bureau, China; LUHUA LI, Turpan-Hami Petroleum Administrative Bureau, China 

There has been an increasing interest in tracer surveillance program to not only make better reservoir characterization, but also to effectively monitor reservoir performance. Both water and gas tracers have been selected for the tracer program in Pubei oil field, the first water-alternating-gas (WAG) miscible flooding project in China, in terms of combining geological characteristic, reservoir engineering scheme and laboratory research. This paper presents that commercial compositional model was successively used to simulate the well-to-well gas tracer and water tracer performance, to quantify the distribution of tagged solvent among the producers, and to estimate swept volumes. A novel approach was used to link the sub-program for tracer equations of motion. The application result of the model to the field shows that it can be effectively used to modify the reservoir model and to provide important information for effectively adjusting and controlling the reservoir performance as well as optimizing production and injection.



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