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Abstract: The Temblor Formation, Success, Trial and Error

SUGDEN, HAROLD, Consultant, Bakersfield, CA

The Miocene age marine Temblor Formation has been successfully produced at Kettleman North Dome, Coalinga, Jacalitos and to a lessor extent in the Tulare Lake, Kettleman Middle Dome and Kettleman City oil fields. Its non-marine equivalent, the Zilch, is produced at Helm, Riverdale, Burrel and Camden oil fields in combination with deeper horizons.

Drilling problems have frustrated attempts at production from exploratory wells drilled in the deep part of the San Joaquin Basin. These problems are caused by the presence of overpressured Upper Miocene McLure Shale above the Temblor and overpressured Oligocene Vaqueros sands and Eocene Kreyenhagen shale source rocks below the Temblor. Temblor sands are also sensitive to damage by drilling and completion fluids. Significant deep Temblor wells illustrate the point that, when prior experience is ignored, production attempts fail.



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