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New 3-D Developments at the Old Tidewater/Getty/ Texaco-Developed Todhunters Lake Gas Field, Yolo County, California

SMITH, JEFF, Stream Energy, Inc., Bakersfield, CA; GUY BURGE JR, GeoEnergy, LLC, Incline Village, NV

The Todhunters Lake Gas Field has produced about 90 BCF since its discovery by Atlantic Oil Company in 1969. Further development by others, such as Tidewater, Getty and Texaco led to a full scale development of the field. Completed in 1994, Stream Energy, Inc. acquired about 6,000 acres of HBP production from Texaco. Production from eight wells totaled about 700 MCF/D. Normal development included the recompletion of almost all the existing wells.

In 1999, Stream realized the enormous potential of their 6,000 acres and began to permit, shoot and interpret eighteen square miles of 3-D geophysical data over their acreage. Incorporating the 3-D data with an extensive and detailed subsurface developmental study of the acreage, Stream drilled eight wells, with eight successful completions. The drilling program added about 20,000 MCF/D of natural gas production and about 25 BCF reserves to the field.

Further development and exploration drilling will begin during the early summer of 2000. Stream's expectations based on current data, is to drill up to eight wells. Production is expected to reach 35,000 MCF/D. This project clearly demonstrates the need to integrate both 3-D and developmental geology to clearly define undeveloped fields in California and elsewhere.



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