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Abstract: Application of Geostatistics in Reservoir Delineation Program for the UP-Ford Sands in the Long Beach Unit, Wilmington Field

MAK, NAI-KEE, THUMS Long Beach Company, Long Beach, CA

The UP-Ford sands area encompasses about 1100 acres in the LBU. The western half, about 500 acres, is largely undefined. There have only been two penetrations in the western area of the UP-Ford, both of which left inconclusive results with respect to reservoir quality. The eastern area, which has been producing since 1967, in contrast, has 132 penetrations.Because of the lack of geological data in the western area, a geostatistical model was built to enhance our understanding of the areal distribution of sand prior to a step-out drilling program. Petrophysical data from 134 wells, information from 921 seismic lines and other geological data were compiled, forming a statistical model that honors the well data, geologic sand body dimensions and seismic data.

The resulting stochastic sand-shale distribution data is incorporated in the assessment of the delineation drilling program.


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