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Abstract: Bioremediation of Oil Through Innovative Biodispersion Technology


SpillRemed (#8482) developed by our company is based on the patented technology of biodispersion. This agent acts on spilled oil in a two ways. The first effect is to cause the oil film breakup into smaller droplets through a process called biodispersion. This is simultaneously accompanied by utilization of these oil droplets by population of oil degrading bacteria present in Spillremed.

The paper discusses the results obtained in the laboratory to demonstrate dispersion of oil in seawater. The paper also discusses results on dispersion and utilization of oily waste like bilge oil under simulated conditions.

SpillRemed is an oleophilic suspension of physiologically active oil degrading bacteria that can be employed in effective remediation of oily waste at its source. Thus it will be possible to treat ballast water in ships, which are not equipped with segregated ballast tanks. It can also treat oily waste produced after washing of oil tanks even during voyage of ships thus saving an enormous amount of resources for the shipping industry in terms of time and waiting period at the port receiving facility. SpillRemed can also be employed in treating the bilge water generated during the ships voyage and can replace chemical dispersants thus act as a biodispersant for tanker and non-tanker ships.


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