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ABSTRACT: The Circum-Pacific Geospatial Data Project on geological correlation in East and Southeast Asia: an historical review

Terman, Maurice J. , U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA

In 1995, the CPGDP was proposed as a managerial and technological intermediary between donors and participants that would collect and interpret digital data, and particularly produce and distribute digital products. The pilot project proposal was the "Geological Correlation in East and Southeast Asia". Late in 1995, the project was approved by the CCOP, ASCOPE, and CPCEMR.

In early 1996, six companies joined (@ $15,000 annually) the Industrial Associates Program (IAP), and ten CCOP member countries (Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan. Korea. Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam) identified National Coordinators to compile a Geologic Names Lexicon, a Biostratigraphy Database, and a Geochronology Database. These Coordinators agreed on general project objectives during the First Meeting of the Working Group on Geological Correlation (WGGC) at Chiang Mai, Thailand (March 1996). Data discussions continued at later WGGC Meetings held concurrently with the CCOP annual sessions in Shanghai, China (Nov. 1996), in Taejon, Korea (Oct. 1997), and in Subic Bay, Philippines (Oct.1998). In 1998, WGGC initiated a Well Database. IAP Project Reviews were held in March or April 1997,1998 and 1999. CPGDP has produced a CD-ROM synthesis of the four databases for each IAP and CCOP meeting; by January 2000, it exceeded 15,000 spot records.

Through annual WGGC meetings and numerous in-country consultations, CPGDP is creating an aggregate of digital data of major significance that is beyond anything that an individual country or a single commercial company would assemble. The Project thus becomes a win-win effort for both the CCOP nations and Industrial Associates, and will continue until the databases are completed. Each country is now preparing its national Biozonation Chart for the detailed correlation of stratigraphic data to a regional time scale.

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