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ABSTRACT: Frontier Basin Exploration & Gas below Gas Hydrates-The New Hunting Pastures for the New Millennium Energy

Srinivasan, Swaminathan, C. Laxma Reddy, and T. K. Majumder , Gas Authority of India Limited, 16, Bhikaijicama Place, R. K. Puram, New Delhi-110066, India

Indian hydrocarbon industry witnesses the global phenomena of low new reserves accretion in the exploration front and India's rapid industrial growth consumes the produced hydrocarbons, thus forcing excessive imports of petroleum products to meet the ever increasing demand, which outstrips the indigenous production.

To cope up with the situation, the Indian oil & gas sector is getting liberalised and more and more new players are attracted for fast track exploration of virgin deepwater basins around Inidian sub-continent. In addition, the newly formed core group under the banner "National Gas Hydrate Programme" evolves measures to explore & exploit the possible huge gas hydrate resources likely to be present in the northern Indian Ocean including Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, where the conditions are appropriate for the existence of gas hydrate and gas below gas hydrate.

Bird's eye view on the Indian deepwater basins, their geographical/geological setup, basin architecture, expected source, reservoir, cap and structures is brought out to envoke interest for accelerating the exploration by national and international agencies involved in the game.

Similarly, a brief on the gas hydrates and the pre-requisites for its formation, particular areas wherein most likely significant presence of gas hydrates and free gas below gas hydrate can occur around the continental margins of India are outlined. The significant contribution made or being made by the Indian agencies in the search for the new energy resources are focussed in this paper.

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