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ABSTRACT: Successful integration of 4D seismic in reservoir management, Duri Steamflood, Sumatra

Sigit, Rusdinadar, David E. Moore, and Adi Widyantoro , PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Pekanbaru, Indonesia

After a successful single-pattern field trial in 1995, time-lapse (4D) seismic was applied to help monitor steam flow in the Duri Field, Central Sumatra, one of the largest steam flood recovery projects in the world. The seismic, together with conventional steam-monitoring technologies, generates steam-flow images critical to effective and efficient management of heat in the reservoir.

To obtain seismic data with the best possible signal-to-noise ratio and insure survey repeatability during data acquisition, the shots and receivers are buried below the soft-weathering layer. The acquisition geometry has recently been modified to appropriately sample the upcoming wavefield to better accommodate pre-stack depth migration processing.

In the interpretation of the data, statistical classification methods use multi-seismic attributes to produce reliable maps of the reservoir steam flow. Seismic data are converted to useful engineering data using techniques which combine velocity core estimates with reservoir and seismic modeling. These steam maps help the day-to-day heat management operations such as choke installation to redirect steam flow, steam isolation in sands where breakthrough has occurred, and shutting in appropriate injector wells to manage producer well heat problems. These maps are also used for longer-term strategic objectives such as locating by-passed oil, redesigning injector patterns, and locating pre-heated zones. This technology results in more efficient heat management of the reservoir and has a significant positive impact on recoverable reserves.

This paper will address a range of topics including seismic acquisition and processing, modeling and analysis, impact on EOR and heat management processes and expected economic benefits.

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