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ABSTRACT: Geovolume visualization interpretation: Basic Techniques

Sheffield, Tatum M.1, Doug Meyer1, Gail Kahle2, Jack Lees1, Barton Payne1, Elizabeth L. Harvey1, and Michael J. Zeitlin1
(1) Magic Earth LLC, Houston, TX
(2) Texaco Visualization, Houston, TX

New visualization technology has created a paradigm shift in the techniques interpreters' use for 3D seismic data. These geovolume visualization interpretation (GVI) techniques allow the interpreter to see and think in 3D, the way the earth actually exists. Since Texaco introduced a facility devoted to GVI in 1997, the use of this technology has gained momentum. These GVI centers allow teams to interactively interpret, view, and analyze data volumes for extended periods.

Four main components make up geovolume visualization interpretation: recognition, color, motion and isolation. Understanding the use of each component is essential to properly applying the techniques to 3D seismic interpretation. Recognition is key to a successful interpretation and is dependent on the ability of the interpreter to process data and separate an important event from surrounding data. Color perception allows the interpreter to scan large volume of data. Factors that affect color perception in the brain: physical sensory stimulus and higher level processes such as memory, attention and experience. Motion is the ability to move an object in a manner appearing continuous to the eye of the interpreter, while synchronized with control movements. Isolation is the determination of a set of viewing parameters that will separate an event from its surroundings.

The visualization components listed above give the interpreter versatility in trying different interpretation options that have previously not been possible. These interpretation techniques are defining a new paradigm in the oil and gas industry from exploration to production, improving cost, cycle time, accuracy and recoverable reserves.

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