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ABSTRACT: Kirana Discovery : Integrated Approach to Economic Oil Field

Satrio, Budi1, Jendra Alfredy2, Asep Syaefuddin2, and Ken J. Yeats2
(1) PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia, Duri, Indonesia 
(2) PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia

A streamlined approach from the exploration to production phase has yielded an economic oil field from a small prospect in the intensively explored Central Sumatra Basin. Through integrated cross-functional team efforts, multiple tasks were accomplished in parallel to reduce cycle time and enhance the economic value of the project. Caltex Pacific Indonesia is successfully implementing this approach to upgrade the value of the exploration portfolio in this mature basin.

Evaluation of "fairway" 3D seismic data identified the Kirana prospect as a four-way structural closure on the flank of Petani Field. In-house knowledge of sequence stratigraphy, structural development, and basin modelling was consulted to help define prospect risks. Kirana was determined to be a small but low risk pre-migration structure containing Neogene marine reservoirs. Concurrently, engineers designed possible facilities and provided cost input for economic evaluation.

The exploratory drilling program to 5300 feet TD encountered a total of 185 feet oil column in seven zones within the Sihapas section. An appraisal well was then drilled to define down dip reservoir development and test a seismic attribute interpretation. The engineers ran simulations for multi-scenarios development purposes. Consequently, production facilities were set to flow oil from both wells to gathering station.

The field contains 4.495 MMSTB OOIP and currently produces 2,500 BOPD. Reduced cycle time improved the economic value of the project due to shorter put-on-production time, faster revenues accounted and higher rate of return. This integrated process turned a possibly marginal exploration project into a clearly economic and competitive asset.

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