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ABSTRACT: Geology and petroleum systems in Kori-Comorin deep offshore, Arabian Sea, India

Palakshi, K., G. P. Ganesan, and P. Mohapatra , Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, Dehradun, U.P, India

Kori-Comorin deep offshore, a vast stretch of sediment laden area, located off the western continental shelf of India in Arabian sea, traverses through Kutch, Saurashtra, Mumbai and Kerala-Konkan-Laccadive offshore basins. The area is characterized by Tertiary sediment fill averaging about 2.5 km. Though no well has been drilled so far in this area, the contiguous shallow water areas have been well explored with discovery of several major fields in Mumbai offshore basin. Its geologic integrity with the known petroliferous sectors in the contiguous shallow waters has necessitated a review of the hydrocarbon potential of this vast geological province.

The present study attempts understanding of paleogeographic setting derived from plate tectonic reconstructions, which in turn, has helped in predicting the parameters of Petroleum systems in this frontier area.

A series of rotated horst-graben systems are observed in the area, the half grabens acting as locii of Paleogene source rocks and the adjoining rift shoulders containing reservoir rocks in Eocene-Miocene carbonates. Coarser clastics derived from the rift shoulders are also expected to act as reservoirs. With several medium to large sized structures related to drape over the basement horst and Mid Miocene shears, as the identified entrapment elements in this area, three petroleum systems are conceptualized and discussed. In order to realize the untapped potential of hydrocarbon resources in this frontier sector, thrust areas of exploration are discussed.

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