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ABSTRACT: Layer Productivity Prediction based on NMR and Wireline Formation Tester Data

Liu, Cheng Bing1, Karl Schwab1, and Li Chun Kuang2
(1) Schlumberger China S.A, Beijing, China
(2) Xinjiang Petroleum Administration Bureau, Karamay, China

The development of an integrated interpretation approach has been achieved for the oil companies operating in China that significantly reduces total operational costs by enabling the streamlining of operations for layered reservoirs with testing, producing or stimulating decisions. This method incorporates standard logs, NMR and wireline formation tester data with reservoir engineering and petroleum engineering techniques.

The interpretation chain consists of petrophysical evaluation, permeability determination from pressure transient data acquired from wireline formation testing, calibration of NMR derived permeability and nodal analysis for determining in/outflow performance of a newly drilled well. Results predict bottom hole/wellhead flowing pressures, associated flow rates and water cuts.

This paper will discuss the methodology of this approach, its applications and limitations. Case studies are demonstrating its practical application, successes and failures.

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