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ABSTRACT: Different Scales And Integration Of Data In Reservoir Simulation

Hartanto, Lina1, Robert Amin2, and Raj Rajeswaran2
(1) Curtin University of Technology, Waterford, Australia 
(2) Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia

The term upscaling and determination of pseudo-curves or effective parameters used on a coarse scale simulation grid are related to the complex and extensive problems associated with the reservoir studies. The primary strategy is mainly focused on the good physical and practical understanding of the particular processes in questions, and an appreciation of reservoir model sensitivities. Thus, the building of reservoir simulation models can be optimally determined.

By concentrating on modelling and upscaling gas injection for EOR process, which included IFT and amicability effect, a new effective and efficient algorithms of upscaling were investigated and determined by using several upscaled parameters. The sensitivities of these determined coarse scale parameters, i.e. porosity, absolute & relative permeabilities and capillary pressure, were studied through history matching of the existing field.

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