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ABSTRACT: Reservoir characterisation from seismic attributes: an example from Peciko Field (Indonesia)

Gastaldi, Christian , TOTAL, PARIS La Defense, France

The reservoir characterization study performed over the Peciko field illustrates the substantial gain that can be provided by 3D seismic attributes to better describe the reservoirs and assess hydrocarbon volumes.

But the integration of seismic attributes with wells is not an automatic process, it should be done with care. The observed correlations between reservoir parameters and seismic attributes have to be thoroughly evaluated before using them:

- Does the correlation result from a sound statistical basis (sufficient number of points, regular spreading of data points…) ?

- Does the correlated seismic attribute show a spatial organization that fits the current geological model of the field ?

- Has the seismic attribute a physical meaning that can be related to the associated reservoir parameter by seismic modeling ?…

Only after answering positively to those questions can we integrate seismic attributes with wells data.

In our example, we illustrate the use of seismic attributes to produce Net Sand and Hydrocarbon Pore Meter maps for one reservoir unit of the field. We used Geostatistics as the tool to integrate those data of different natures and qualities which are wells and seismic. Geostatistics enables also the concurrent evaluation of prediction uncertainties and provides risked volumes curves which are necessary to take sound economic decisions.

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