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ABSTRACT: Flexible, scalable data management solutions for today's dynamic E&P data environment

Economo, Maritsa1 and Karen Agustiawan2
(1) Landmark Graphics, Perth, Australia 
(2) Landmark Graphics, Jakarta, Indonesia

The amount of Exploration and Production data available to the Geoscientist is exploding exponentially. Capture and storage is the first step in utilizing this data. Easy access and visualization of this data in an integrated environment coupled with the capture and re-use of knowledge gained from past experiences, increases the knowledge base by which to make important business decisions.

Landmark's data management suite comprising OpenWorks, OpenExplorer and OpenJournal have given flexible data access, faster delivery to the end-user, the ability to capture and transfer knowledge and tighter integration with the existing systems. The foundation of Landmark's data management solution is the OpenWorks database. Based on POSC and PPDM, OpenWorks integrates the Landmark suite of applications as well as other vendor applications via the OpenWorks Development Kit. Hence the market prevalence, open standards and scalable architecture of the OpenWorks platform coupled with the continuing pressure on data management groups to reduce the number of databases has led oil companies to use OpenWorks as an integral part of their data management system.

OpenExplorer provides corporate, regional or asset level data management capabilites with tools for cataloging of knowledge, easy access to your data, and a fully featured GIS for integrated access and visualisation. Associated tools such as the Data Store Navigator allows integration of external databases such as Finder and Kelman allowing flexibility in a multi-vendor environment. The flexibility of OpenExplorer iis also observed in its current implementations - ranging from a master data store configuration through to its roll-out as a base-mapping tool.

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