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ABSTRACT: Opportunities for international investors in China's coalbed methane industry

Dou, Qingfeng, Shengchu Huang, and Yuhong Hu , China Coal Information Institute, Beijing, China

Coalbed Methane resources in China are estimated at 30~35 trillion m3 based on the output of the UNDP-funded sub-project "Evaluation of coalbed methane resources in China". 24 target areas have been selected for development of coalbed methane with priority. Activities of exploration and development have been increasing in recent years. The paper describes the latest progress of coalbed methane development and utilization in China, including projects of private investors from home and abroad, highlights the Asian Development Bank's Technical Assistance Project of Coalbed Methane Demonstration in Yangquan Mining Area and the USEPA-funded project Coal Mine Methane Market Development in China. The authors and their colleagues are engaged in the two later projects. In addition, the paper gives explanation of preferential policies that the Chinese government offers to foreign investors involved in coalbed methane industry.

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