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ABSTRACT: The Circum-Pacific Geospatial Data Project on geological correlation in East and Southeast Asia: databases

Abston, Carl C. , U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO

In 1996, CPGDP cooperated with ten member countries of CCOP to form a Working Group on Geological Correlation (WGGC) which would compile the Geologic Names Lexicon, Bio- stratigraphy, Geochronology, and Well databases for East and Southeast Asia. CPGDC provided the technical consultation for collection, digitizing, and integrating these databases such that all output data are compatible and usable by modern software systems including GIS.

The basic problem was the general lack of the requested digital data in the CCOP countries. Therefore, the first task was the creating of many key-entry systems to convert all pertinent analog (paper) data into digital form using on-site hardware and software.This task was infeasible at general WGGC meetings and required direct face-to-face demonstrations during repeated separate in-country consultations with each data entry system custom designed for a given data set. Although this approach was very quick and accurate in entering data, it created many different data formats, all of which subsequently had to be integrated for comparability.

The integrated databases and database management system are stored on successive CD-ROM's which have limited proprietary distribution to the CCOP members at their fall Annual Sessions and to the Industrial Associates at their spring Annual Project Reviews. CPGDC continues to add to and improve these digital products.

The 1/1/2000 status of the databases is summarized as: Database CB CH ID JA KN MY PNG RP TH VM Biostrat 11 243 0 0 39 3750 667 0 3117 0 Geochron 0 35 1706 3444 581 143 0 308 53 35 Lexicon 46 99 535 225 121 210 89 0 162 63 Well Data 46 0 0 0 0 0 0 835 46 0

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